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Koy Itämerentori 2, alterations to premises


Kiinteistöosakeyhtiö Itämerentori is located in Ruoholahti, Helsinki. 10th and 11th floor premises, gross floor area 700 m².


This property is known for its tower, rising to almost 70 meters, which was originally built for Sitra. Currently, there are multiple different companies located across the 18 floors of this tower. We have executed several office space alteration projects at Itämerentorni.

One facility renovation was done for the needs of a US healthcare software company Epic Systems Corporation. The scope of this project was the 10th and 11th floor premises, with a gross floor area of 700 m2.

Itämerentori 2 julkisivu.

All of the interior structures of the spaces were renewed. There also were alterations made to the room arrangements. Server room infrastructure was built in the space, alongside the appropriate cooling system. The work was done on a rather tight schedule in accordance with the requirements of the international customer. The renovation period was 30 days from the establishment of the site to the release of the premises. The project was carried out during the summer holiday period, so that the least possible disturbance was caused to the other tenants.

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Chairman of the board, CFO
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