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Mobilepay Aleksi-Hermes

Project Description

Aleksi-Hermes – Aleksanterinkatu 19 is an office building that was completed in 1906.


We executed the renovation of the attic floor office space of Kiinteistö Oy Aleksi-Hermes. In this renovation, an old space that used to function as a server room, amongst other things, was turned into a modern facility. The old server room of a banking company was turned into a new office space for a modern paying agency. With this project, the life of the space has come in full circle.

Old buildings always have their peculiarities that bring extra challenges to the construction. In this case, we started the project with demolition of hazardous materials, after which we proceeded with regular construction work. The considerable differences in factors such as floor levels between rooms and fitting the new building systems into tight spaces presented their own challenges. Demanding acoustic structure changes needed also to be taken into account in the engine rooms adjacent to the structures.

Aleksi-Hermes - Aleksanterinkatu 19 julkisivu.

The location of the premises on the top floor required good logistics management. We renewed ventilation, all electricals and data cables, automation, cooling, internal water supply and part of the sewage, and all interior structures on the site. The old wooden windows in the courtyard were removed and refurbished in the workshop, ready to be re-installed.

The renovation period of the project was four months, from the establishment of the site to the furnishing of the office. The project was finished in 2019.

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Project manager, cost accounting
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